Why you should only hire a plumber who’s registered with PIRB

Many people claim to be plumbers but lack the skills and expertise necessary to comply with the standards set out by the Plumbing Industry Registration Board. These unaccredited or unlicensed plumbers pose a risk to the consumer and to the environment, as well as to the plumbing industry’s reputation. By hiring an unlicensed “fly-by-night” plumber who is not PIRB-registered, you’re putting yourself at risk of being financially robbed, and you’re risking extensive damage being done to your property. The consequences can be costly. 

When hiring a plumber who is registered with PIRB, you can be assured that you’re receiving the services of a qualified and competent plumber. The criteria set out by PIRB are strict, allowing only the best to call themselves qualified and licensed plumbers. 

Local authorities and insurance companies increasingly request that any person performing plumbing work has to be registered with PIRB. As a private property owner, you should request the same because it’s illegal for any person to work on plumbing installations without being qualified, or at least being supervised by a qualified plumber. It’s also illegal for any person to issue a Certificate of Compliance without being registered with the plumbing board. 


To register with PIRB, plumbers need to meet the following criteria:


The plumber must have passed the relevant plumbing trade test as specified in the Manpower Training ACT or have obtained a plumber qualification in terms of the Skills Development ACT.

The plumber must have passed PIRB’s practical or written assessment in the five core designations, like ground drainage, cold and hot water, rainwater disposal, etc.

To specialise, a plumber must have passed the relevant accredited course for the respective specialised designation(s) like solar, heat pumps and gas.

A plumber has to obtain a CPD score of 25 or more over a 12 month cycle.


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