5 ways to detect water leaks at home

Have the last few months’ water bills been unusually high despite the fact that you haven’t used more water than usual? Your home may have a hidden water leak.


Here are five ways to determine whether you have a water leak in your home




To determine whether your geyser has a leak, check the pressure relief valve. Sometimes, these valves are plumbed directly into the drain, and may be leaking without your knowledge. If you’re unable to remove the drain pipe, listen for a hissing sound. This indicates a leak in your geyser.




A leaking toilet can result in a high water bill, not to mention the thousands of litres of precious water that go to waste! To determine whether your toilet has a leak simply remove the tank lid and add a few drops of food colouring into the tank water. Wait approximately 30 minutes then check the toilet bowl to see if any colour filtered through. If the water is clear, you don’t have a leaking toilet. If there is colour, call a plumber to fix the leak.




If you have a leaking tap you’ll probably notice and hear the constant sound of water dripping into your sink. This is one of the easiest leaks to spot. Leaking taps are a result of a worn rubber washer, and are relatively easy to replace if you have the right tools at home.


Water meter


One of the most accurate ways to determine whether you have a water leak at home is to check your water meter. First, make sure that no water is being used inside or outside your house by temporarily shutting the water off at the shut-off valve or stopcock. Then, locate your water meter, remove the lid, and check if the dial is moving. Depending on the water meter installed, it may either be a small triangular-shaped dial or a small silver wheel that rotates. If the dial is moving, you may have a leak.


There’s a chance that it’s actually your water meter that is leaking. Take a look at the line that runs from your stopcock to the water meter, if there are muddy patches and the grass is greener than other areas, there may be a leak.


Underground leak detection


Sometimes a leak can occur underground due to a damaged or burst pipe. Look for wet or darker spots along your driveway or in your garden that never seem to dry.


What to do once you’ve discovered a leak?


To prevent the continual wastage of water it’s advised to call a licensed and PIRB registered plumber to repair the leak immediately. Call 082 965 8471 to arrange a leak detection report and repair.


Please note:


All leaks, including concealed leaks on private property are the property owner’s responsibility to investigate and repair. This includes all water pipes and fittings from the water meter onto the property.

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